This page will present public annual reports (M12, M24, M36, M48) and reports about the progress made by the various Working Groups and the entire Action, as well as the official reports for the COST Association (M12, M24, M48).

Public annual reports

CA16235 Workplan 2021-2022, final version, date: 26 October 2021: CA16235 Work Plan Revision 2021_ 22_Final26102021

CA16235 Workplan 2018-2021, version 2, date: 18 November 2018: CA16235 Work Plan 2018_2021 _18112018

PR Booklet for COST Action PEARL PV, part 1, date: 30 April 2019: PR PEARL on Website Op1

PR Booklet for COST Action PEARL PV, part 2, date: 30 April 2019: PR PEARL on Website Op2

PEARL PV Country Reports

The full report with Cost Action PEARL PV’s Country Reports has been published online and in print, date: 12 December 2020: Download link

WG progress reports

WG1 Summary of online Workshop on Data sharing for trans-European PV performance analyses, date: 12 November 2020: WG1report_3Nov2020-final

Official reports for the COST Association

CA16235 PR1 report, date: 17 October 2018: CA16235_PR1_AC_INPUT_2018-10-17