PEARL PV Country Reports 2020 available!

The PEARL PV Country Reports 2020 are out and available online! This full package is an absolutely interesting work about the PV sector in different countries located in Europe. In this report you can find fruitful findings about almost all European countries. Information about 34 countries in Europe is available in this package which is classified in two main categories (i) general findings, and (ii) maps with collected data.  In this report, almost all European countries have collaborated. To each of these countries one chapter is dedicated about detailed PV related findings. For instance information about PV installations, policies, meteorological findings, total annual electricity production, PV production per capita, national programs, future plans for PV performance, etc. This comprehensive information together with informative graphs and images are gathered in the PEARL PV Country Reports 2020 as one package.

Please feel free to download the digital version of PEARL PV Country Reports 2020 using this link:

Pearl PV Country Reports 2020 download – PEARL PV (

We would like to thank specially the editorial team consisting of Prof. Istvan Farkas, Amrita Raghoebarsing, Divine Atsu, Dr. Eli Shirazi, Simon Boddaert, Dr. David Moser, Prof. Nicola Pearsall, and Prof. Angèle Reinders.

Please note that PEARL PV Country report is published every (two) year(s), consequently please update your data in the last quarter of year 2023.