This page will show an overview of papers and reports resulting from research executed in this Action, which have been reported to the management committee of this Action.

The most recent overview is given by this excel file: CA16235 – PEARL PV – Publications 28102019

  1. A.H.M.E. Reinders, D. Moser, W.G.J.H.M. van Sark, G. Oreski, N.M. Pearsall, A. Scognamiglio, J. Leloux, Introducing ‘PEARL PV’: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems – Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data, 35th EU PVSEC, Brussels, September 2018, Paper: 35th_EUPVSEC2018_PEARLPVManuscript25092018.
  2. B.R. Paudyal, A.G. Imenes, T.O. Saetre, Review of Guidelines for PV Systems Performance and Degradations Monitoring, 35th EU PVSEC, Brussels, September 2018.
  3. Angèle Reinders, David Moser, Wilfried Van Sark, Gernot Oreski, Nicola Pearsall, Alessandra Scognamiglio, Jonathan Leloux Introducing ‘PEARL-PV’: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data 2018 IEEE 7th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC) (A Joint Conference of 45th IEEE PVSC, 28th PVSEC & 34th EU PVSEC), Washington D.C., June 2018.
  4. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić, Alessandra Scognamiglio, Mirjana Devetaković, Francesco Frontini and Budimir Sudimac, Trends in integration of photovoltaic facilities into the built environment.  In: The Proceedings of 5th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies – Keeping up with Technologies to Adapt Cities for Future Challenges, pp. 375-388, ISBN: 978-86-7924-199-3, Belgrade, April 2018.
  5. Michelia, L., Caballero, J.A., Fernandez, E.F., Smestad, G.P., Nofuentes, G.,Mallick, K.T., Almonacid, F., Correlating photovoltaic soiling losses to waveband and single-value transmittance measurements, Energy, Volume 180, 1 August 2019, Pages 376-386,!
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  9. Virtuani A., Caccivio M., Annigoni E., Friesen G., Chianese D., Ballif C., Sample T., 35 years of photovoltaics: Analysis of the TISO-10-kW solar plant, lessons learnt in safety and performance—Part 1, Progress in Photovoltaics, Volume 27, Issue 4, April 2019, Pages 328-339,