Management Structure

Action Leadership Positions

  • Action Chair
    Prof Angele REINDERS email:

  • Action Vice Chair
    Dr David MOSER email:

  • WG 1 – PV monitoring
    Prof Wilfried VAN SARK email:

  • WG 2 – Reliability and durability of PV
    Dr Reza AGHAEI email:

  • WG 3 – PV simulation
    Prof Nicola PEARSALL email:

  • WG 4 – PV in the built environment
    Dr Mirjana DEVETAKOVIC email:

  • WG 5 – PV in grids
    Mr Jonathan LELOUX email:

  • Grant Holder Scientific Representative
    Prof Angele REINDERS email:

  • Science Communication Manager
    Ms Eliza LOUCAIDOU email:

  • STSM Coordinator
    Dr David MOSER email:
  • ITC Conference Manager
    Dr David MOSER email: