Dissemination activities constitute an integral, horizontal component of the COST Action Pearl PV.

The Action’s Science Communication Manager is Ms Eliza Loucaidou (Deloitte Cyprus, Innovation & Entrepreneuship Centre) and Vice Manager is Ms Soraya Foubert (European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance).
The Action’s Science Communication Team receives strong support from the Action’s Chair and Vice-Chair, as well as the rest of the Core Group and network participants. The team formulated a general communication strategy and a specific Communication Plan with activities dedicated to the communication of Cost Action Pearl PV.

The entire plan can be downloaded here: Communication Plan and Annex.

The Communication Plan aims to address activities and communications that will inform and engage the relevant stakeholders in Europe; raise awareness around the project and its communication activities, objectives and impact. The specific activities proposed are:

  • Communication with the stakeholders and dissemination of the project results.
  • Continuous update of the Action’s website.
  • Development and distribution of informative material (newsletters, flyer, poster etc.)
  • Publication in national and international scientific and technical journals and conference proceedings.
  • Social media utilization.
  • Organisation and participation in workshops, conferences & other events.

The objectives of the dissemination and communication plan are to:

  1. Identify the target groups, communication tools and distribution channels for the project dissemination and communication activities.
  2. Create an identity to the project through graphically coherent material.
  3. Plan how to share the knowledge gained in the project, i.e. to which target groups each activity and results are relevant, as well as the adequate channels to address these.
  4. Define the period for dissemination and communication activities and the responsible partner for the implementation.
  5. Interact with a wide audience through the internet, promotional materials and events.

The strategy sets up approaches and tools in order to keep the stakeholders regularly informed and to ensure the visibility of the project. On visibility, the strategy contains the requirements to be undertaken by all implementing members of the Cost Action, and suggests activities that may be incorporated to build a strong communication and visibility plan. Communication objectives are the following:

  • Ensure effective communication between groups.
  • Ensure timely notices for requirements/meetings.
  • Ensure optimum results for all communications and project expectations.
  • Measure the results of the communication strategy execution and revise accordingly.
  • In order to maximize the impact of communication efforts.
  • Activities need to be timely.
  • Information used must be accurate.
  • Messages should interest the target audience(s).
  • Activities should be appropriate in terms of resources (human and financial).
  • Effective communication is critical to the successful implementation of the project, in order to ensure that the project results are disseminated to the widest possible audience.
  • Communication activities will be implemented in partnership relations with other relevant/similar programmes or initiatives.

Participants of PEARL PV aim at being visible at forthcoming conferences and workshops as shown in the table below:

1 IEEE PVSC-46 24-28 June 2019 Chicago, USA
2 36th EU PVSEC  9-13 September 2019 Marseille, France
3 PVSEC-29 4-8 November 2019 Xian, China
4 IEEE PVSC-47 14-19 June 2020 Calgary, Canada
5 37th EU PVSEC 2020 to be announced
6 PVSEC-30 2020 Jeju, Korea
7 IEEE PVSC-48 2021 to be announced
8 PVSEC-31 2021 Sydney, Australia
9 WCPEC-8 2022 Rome, Italy