Fourth training school by PearlPV successfully executed in March 2022 at University of Twente, NL.

The fourth Training School ““Potential of monitoring tools and advanced operation and maintenance practice for security and predictability of PV performance” organized by EU COST Action PEARL PV, has been executed in collaboration with University at Twente, the Netherlands, from 8 to 11 March 2022. This 4-day Training School was another successful hybrid events of Pearl PV with both online and live platforms and attracted 20 Trainees from 11 countries. The Training School started on March 8 with an informative opening lecture presented by Prof. Angèle Reinders, On the same day all of the trainees successfully presented their research by posters . On this day, Dr. Jonathan Leloux, Prof. Angèle Reinders and Prof. Jurriaan Schmitz presented fruitful lectures about data monitoring, product development with PV, Fabrication of Al-BSF cells and PV reliability, respectively.

The second day of the training school started with an interesting presentation by Prof. Wilfried van Sark about PV performance monitoring in a 100% renewable society, followed by a lecture from Dr. Mahmoud Dhimish about potential-induced degradation. Subsequently all trainees who attended this event in person enjoyed an excursion and ended the day with a workshop about a group assignment facilitated and presented by Dr. Cedric Caruana. On the third day of the training school, Dr. Sara Golroodbari and Dr. Eli Shirazi presented about the monitoring system for floating PV and Solar Forecasting, respectively, followed by a presentations about the role of digitalization in advanced operation and maintenance practices, by Dr. Atse Louwen. This four-day training school was wrapped up and finished by group presentations on the group assignments.

This attractive hybrid event was not be possible without the efforts of the following organizers: Dr. Cedric Caruana, Prof. Aleksandra Krstić-Furundžić, Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Kettle, Ms. Saskia Groenendijk, Mr. Peter Jansen, Dr. Eli Shirazi, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Van Sark and Prof. Dr. Angele Reinders.

All Trainers and Trainees, on site and online, on the second day of this Training School