PEARL PV Data Challenge is open for participation

We invite you to take part in the PEARL PV Data Challenge. By participation you will contribute to the further development of the joint CKAN Data Server of PEARLV and new insights in big data analysis of installed PV systems. Also you will be invited to co-author scientific papers resulting from the PEARL PV Data Challenge. Those are already good reasons to participate. Moreover, in addition, you will get the stage for the presentation of your results at the PEARL PV Conference which will held from 14 March ’22 onwards, in the Netherlands.

Therefore sign up and participate in the PEARL PV Data Challenge. Registration will be possible until 23 Dec ‘21. We offer two interesting topics, which you can explore during this challenge, see below:

Challenge 1: Artificially Faulty Solar PV Datasets for Development and Benchmarking of Fault Detection Algorithms, contact person: Dr. Atse Louwen (

Challenge 2: Comparison of PV performance across Europe, contact person: Dr. Eli Shirazi (
PearlPV CKAN challenge_ PV Performance_PDF

Timeline for both challenges:
• Participants express their interest to the contact person of the challenge (deadline: 23 Dec 2021)
• Participants submit/upload their datasets in the CKAN data server (deadline: 15 Jan 2022)
• Participants develop, train, test and validate their algorithms
• Participants submit results to the contact person of the challenge (deadline: 28 Feb 2022)

During this challenge you will use the advanced CKAN Data Server of COST Action PEARL PV. For questions about the use of this data server please contact the admins: (1) Dr. Eli Shirazi ( and (2) Dr. Atse Louwen (

CKAN data server access by Welcome – Pearl PV CKAN Repository (
NDA for this CKAN data server: Non-Disclosure and Data Sharing Declaration PEARL PV (hardcopy version) (13-02-19)