Final Conference PearlPV successfully executed in March 2022 at University of Twente, NL.

The International Conference “Enabling the PV Terawatt Transition” organized by EU COST Action PEARL PV, was held in a hybrid format from 14 to 16 March 2022, at University of Twente, in Enschede, the Netherlands.

The conference which was attended by about 150 colleagues, opened with a fruitful plenary session on Monday 14 March. In the plenary session the following respected colleagues presented, after opening talks by the conference organizers: Dr. Teresa Barnes, about Predicting and Extending PV Module Lifetime. Prof. Monica Lira-Cantu presented about Perovskite Solar Cell Stability. After a short break Prof. Christophe Ballif gave a talk entitled “Photovoltaics go fast: improved technologies and carbon footprint for a wider range of applications”. Finally, Prof. Jan Kleissl talked about Solar Forecasting. On Monday afternoon, different researchers and scientist presented their research in two parallel sessions on resp. PV Monitoring and PV in Grids.

The conference continued on the second day by parallel sessions in the morning on resp. Reliability and Durability of PV and Simulation of PV. The presentations continued after the lunch break with the topic of PV in the built environment. The second day of the conference finished with a very interesting plenary session where Prof. Istvan Farkas talked about the PEARL PV Country Reports 2020, and wrap-up talks by Prof. Angèle Reinders, Dr. David Moser, and Prof. Wilfried van Sark.

On the third and last day of the PEARL PV Conference an amazing excursion took place during which the participants visited HyET Solar in Arnhem for their production line for flexible solar modules. Then the bus travelled to Helmond to visit the fabulous company Lightyear, to see the solar powered Lightyear One car which is an excellent example of Vehicle Integrated PV. Finally, we had a chance to visit the Solar-Beat facility and their rooftop test site at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. This attractive hybrid event was not possible without the efforts of the following organizers: Dr. David Moser, Prof. Dr. Jeff Kettle , Prof. dr. Nicola Pearsall, Dr. Bogdan Burduhos, Dr. Jonathan Leloux, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Van Sark, and Prof. Dr. Angele Reinders.

Most presentations have been uploaded on the webpage of this event, and can, hence, be easily downloaded.

The conference was rated very high regarding the relevance of its program (88,9% of the attendees on site ranked this with a 5 out of 5), networking opportunities and organization.