WG 2: Reliability and durability of PV

This WG’s leadership is temporarily in a transition.


1.           Definition of reliability and durability metrics for PV modules, components and systems

2.           Identification of relevant data to be collected to measure reliability and durability

3.           Sharing knowledge via workshops, seminars and joint publications originating from WG2 with a wider community of PV experts solar electricity and other experts working for insurers, investors and banks.


Task 2.1: Development of a common description of reliability and durability of PV modules and PV systems by meetings and communications with PV researchers and other experts leading to a shared document to be published on this COST Action’s website.

Task 2.2: Identification of required data and appropriate simulation models to be used in the framework of understanding reliability and durability given the challenges of (i) the often long elapsed duration before occurrence of both defects and degradation of PV modules in the field (ii) the climate dependency of these effects and (iii) relationships between the manufactured quality of PV module and observed reliability and durability in practice.


D5. Publications of findings originating from WG2 in high-impact journals, conference proceedings and a special issue of an international peer reviewed journal.

D6. Reports of the WG2 activities (month 12, 24, 36, 48), including the organisation of one workshop per year on reliability and durability of PV modules, components and systems.

D7. An open source model for durability and reliability aspects of PV modules.

List of WG members (by 22 January 2018)

  1. Gernot Oreski (PCCL), Austria
  2. Laura Azpilicueta (Evasa), Spain
  3. Giorgio Belluardo (EURAC), Italy
  4. Guillaume Decleve (SUN7), Belgium
  5. Demba Diallo (GEEPS), France
  6. Mihaela Girtan (University of Angers), France
  7. Ana Rosa Lagunas (CENER), Spain
  8. Ivan Marasovic (University of Split), Croatia
  9. Bettina Ottersböck (PCCL), Austria
  10. Krzysztof Pielichowski (Cracow University of Technology), Poland
  11. Marisa di Sabatino (Norwegian University of Science and Technology ), Norway
  12. Oihana Zubillaga (Tecnalia), Spain
  13. Karl Berger (AIT), Austria
  14. George Mousdis (National Hellenic Research Foundation), Greece
  15. George Georghiu (University of Cyprus), Cyprus
  16. Lamprini Papargyri (University of Cyprus), Cyprus
  17. Alessandro Virtuani (EPFL), Switzerland
  18. Hristina Spasevska (University of Skopje), Macedonia
  19. Markus Schubert (Universität Stuttgart), Germany
  20. Pascal Kölblin (Universität Stuttgart), Germany
  21. Jeff Kettle (Bangor University), UK
  22. Samrana Kazi (Basque center for materials, applications & nanostructures), Spain
  23. Shahzada Ahmad (Basque center for materials, applications & nanostructures), Spain
  24. Andreas Wade (First Solar), Germany
  25. Nikolina Shutinoska (University “St. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje ),Republic of Macedonia
  26. Caroline Tjengdrawira, (Tractebel Engineering), Belgium