to COST Action PEARL PV (CA16235)

PEARL PV is focused on “Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data”.

The aim of PEARL PV is to improve the energy performance and reliability of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems in Europe leading to lower costs of electricity produced by PV systems by a higher energy yield, a longer life time eventually beyond the guaranteed 20 years as specified by manufacturers, and a reduction in the perceived risk in investments in PV projects.

This  will be achieved by analyzing data of the actual monitored long-term performance, defects and failures in PV systems installed all over Europe to quantitatively determine the absolute influences of components rated performance, key design of systems, installation, operation, maintenance practice, geographic location and weather factors on the performance, performance degradation over time and failure modes of these PV systems.

The PEARL PV project aims at the formation of an inclusive network of PV system researchers and experts from 37 countries, see Figure 1, focused on analyzing data resources and the use and development of analysis tools and simulation models that can yield more-nuanced evidence-based information about the performance and reliability of PV modules and PV systems.

Figure 1: Countries that take part in this COST Action PEARL PV by July 2021, indicated in purple. Not (fully) shown but also participating are Israel, the USA and Australia.

For this purpose 5 Working Groups have been set up that will conduct research using a shared data bank and shared simulation tools and models to analyze and compare these data that are collected in this data bank, see Figure 2. The 5 Working Groups are focused on (WG1) PV monitoring, (WG2) Reliability and durability of PV, (WG3) PV simulation, (WG4) PV in the built environment and (WG5) PV in grids.

Figure 2: The 5 Working Groups of COST Action PEARL PV in relation to a shared data bank and simulation tools.

 For further information, please contact:

Chair of COST Action PEARL PV

Angèle Reinders (prof.dr.)
University of Twente, ARISE, The Netherlands &
Eindhoven University of Technology, Energy Technology Group, The Netherlands
E-mail: a.h.m.e.reinders@utwente.nl
www: Angèle Reinders at TU/e

Vice Chair of COST Action PEARL PV

David Moser (dr.)
Eurac Research, Institute for Renewable Energy, Bolzano, Italy
E-mail: david.moser@eurac.edu
www:  David Moser at EURAC

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