WG 3: PV simulation

This WG’s Chair is prof.dr. Nicola Pearsall (Northumbria University, UK) and its Vice Chair is (TBDL)

Email for contact: nicola.Pearsall-at-northumbria.ac.uk


1.           PV simulation models by content ranging from (i) fundamental solar cell research, (ii) PV irradiance modelling incl. forecasting and cloud formation, (iii) PV systems (grid-connected, stand alone, and hybrid), (iv) PV in the built environment and (v) PV grid interactions. Distinction will be determined between simulation models that can predict performance on short and long time scales. Different approaches to modules that can predict durability of PV modules and PV systems.

2.           Identification of PV simulation tools and models by category (i to v).

3.           Provision of access to information about PV solar electricity simulation models.

4.           Comparison of various PV solar electricity simulation models.

5.           Sharing knowledge originating from WG3 with a wider community of PV and other renewable energy experts by internet, workshops, seminars and joint publications about the topic PV simulation


Task 3.1: Development of a common description of PV simulation in the categories above mentioned (i to v) by meetings and communications with PV researchers and other experts leading to a shared document to be published on the website of this COST Action website.

Task 3.2: Identification of PV simulation tools and models in the categories above mentioned (i to v) by collecting information by internet, publications and persons involved in this COST Action and their association. Listing of results on the website of this COST Action for sharing information about and web links to existing PV simulation tools and models, so that participants and other users of the COST website can download easily. These PV simulation models will be made available with or without payment depending on the requirements of this developer of the specific models.

Task 3.3: Testing of simulation models in various categories in independently executed round- robin tests conducted by participants of this action using the same input data sets. Each year another round-robin test will be executed resulting in reports and papers.


D8. Publications of findings originating from WG3 in high-impact journals, conference proceedings and a book.

D9. Reports of the WG 3 activities (month 12, 24, 36, 48), including the organisation of two workshops and two seminars on PV simulation.

D10. Open source software for the simulation of PV modules and PV systems.

List of WG members (by 22 January 2018)

Nicola PEARSALL, Northumbria University, UK (WG Chair)

Timohir BETTI, University of Split, Croatia



John LICARI, University of Malta, Malta

Nicholas RIEDEL, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Joao SERRA, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Jovan TODOROVIC, ELEKTROPRENOS BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Abraham YOSIPOV, College of Law and Business, Israel