A weeklong of events organised by EU COST Action PEARL PV in Utrecht!

The EU COST Action PEARL PV (Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaics Systems Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data) is organizing a weeklong of events between the 24th and 27th of February 2020 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The PEARL PV events kicked off on Monday 24 February with the Management Committee Meeting. The Meeting is followed by plenary meetings and five parallel workshops, each one covering the different topics of the working groups. PV big data analytics, PV systems integration, simulation of performance, sustainability in the built environment etc. are only some of the themes of the sessions, which are organised by the working group leaders. A technical tour will take place during the last day to various PV projects in the vicinity of Utrecht and Amsterdam. All events are hosted by prof. Wilfried van Sark of University of Utrecht.

This COST Action’s aim is to improve the energy performance and reliability of photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems in Europe leading to lower costs of electricity produced by PV systems by a higher energy yield, a longer lifetime and a reduction in the perceived risk in investments in PV projects.

The objective will be achieved by analyzing data of the actual monitored long-term performance, defects and failures in PV systems installed all over Europe to quantitatively determine the absolute influences of components rated performance, key design of systems, installation, operation, maintenance practice, geographic location and weather factors on the performance, performance degradation over time and failure modes of these PV systems. For more information, you may visit the Action’s webpage pearlpv-cost.eu. (sources of figures: Sark)